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Helping organizations and complementary talent go hand-in-hand.

The world has become increasingly competitive but with the correct approach and our leading service, we bring people and organizations together. It stems from our expertise and our strategic approach that enables us to deliver for both our clients and candidates.


Advance within the Quant Finance industry

Searching for the next step in your career, within the Quant Finance Industry?

We are always seeking talented individuals. We will gladly help find the right position for you and provide a shortlist of many businesses that match your requirements and play to your core attributes. 

We will provide you with information on compensation within your field of expertise, resume presentation, interview preparations and market analysis, to give you a thorough understanding of the current climate and so you can prepare yourself fully, to give yourself the best possible opportunity of landing your perfect position. 

Getting you noticed by your dream company is something we pride ourselves experts in. 

Growing your business or expanding your team

Seeking additional talent for your team or business?

We are unrivaled in seeking and securing top talent for our clients, including dedicated personnel specializing in team lift outs which requires a delicate and cautious approach. 

Through our extensive network, internal database and generous referral stream, we are able to capitalize and deliver in a timely manner and provide introductions to the strongest matching individuals, in and out of the market. 

We provide market updates, compensation bench-marking, industry analysis, and competitor screening so that you know, you are never behind the curve. 


Set up your own trading platform

Seeking seed funding or require accelerator capital?

Are you or a team thinking to start up your own hedge fund?

Is your business performing well but you require additional funding?

We specialize in bridging that gap. 

There are three types of seeding models we cater for – revenue share, equity stake and an incubator model. Some of our end clients offer a hybrid approach. 

What we do for our clients

We work closely with our clients to understand their strategy and goals, enabling us to leverage our expertise when identifying the correct talent for them. With market intelligence and experience, we are well-positioned to assist clients to overcome the challenges of identifying complementary personnel. We ensure that we help them to navigate the complexities by providing talent that is expertly measured to fit their specific requirements.

We consider the overall landscape and select from talent pools to identify candidates who can maximize the potential of your organization. We utilize the latest assessment platforms and use a multitude of tools to achieve optimal results. Our confidential approach means that we work with clients and access our network of contacts to help identify the right talent, every time. We can assist with team lift-outs, ensuring your organization can benefit from proven capabilities that make a real impact.

As we strive to set ourselves apart, we make sure that our clients benefit from our ability to seek and secure top talent. With our extensive network, internal database and referral stream, we can find the right talent when you need it. Furthermore, we always make sure that you are always one-step ahead by providing market updates, compensation bench-marking, competitor screening and industry analysis.

What we offer candidates

Organizations around the globe are now aggressively seeking the best talent but the bar has never been higher. They’re looking to stay ahead of their competitors while growing their organization organically. When it comes to recruitment, we are industry leaders which means that many of our clients are large, global organizations that have retained our services and are constantly seeking talent to seamlessly fit into their strategies and goals. We play an integral role by providing candidates with the opportunity to find their dream role. Our relationships and connections with our clients can help you to become a part of some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world but where we add real value is by identifying and exposing you to the small to mid-sized businesses with fantastic opportunity and growth plans, allowing you to be as influential as possible, whilst providing an autonomous environment. 

When organizations approach us for new talent, we begin the headhunting process and access our pool of talent. We represent our candidates and ensure we match your core attributes and desires with the correct employers with a similar vision and culture fit. From custom teams to individual roles, when you become a candidate at J.K. Barnes, you’ll benefit from our networks and expertise.


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