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Every element of the service we provide is driven by the talent we employ.

We are a company that believes in a collaborative approach whereby employees are supported in all aspects of their career. As a leading agency, we are committed to enhancing opportunities within our business, helping people to further their career.

Why choose us?

We invest in people and that’s because we strive to bring out the very best in our consultants. Our employees are with us because we have seen something special in them and therefore would like to provide a platform to help amplify these traits, to propel our employees to new levels. Employees have the support from all senior members of staff and are able to utilize the tools they are given which then allows them to forge a successful career at J.K.Barnes. From database and software training to instilling a strong knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of Quant Finance, J.K. Barnes empowers employees to excel in every area.

At J.K. Barnes, our goal is to identify individual professionals who possess attractive skill sets, experience and qualifications who are seeking positions that fulfil their desires and specific attributes. We learn about each candidate and position them within high-performing teams within our wide range of organizations that we are in partnership with.

Our teams have to adopt a proactive approach to ensure they are ahead of market movements while networking, researching, negotiating and consulting. All are important factors that underpin everything we offer. We overcome challenges and complexities and our employees have to have the commitment and desire to stand out and win because we will take care of the rest.

We pride ourselves on our track-record and we are results-driven, which means that we have an extremely meritocratic environment. We have already placed hundreds of candidates throughout our team and we are constantly growing and evolving. If you have the desire and skills to thrive in a highly-effective work environment that’s vibrant and professional, then now is the time to connect with us.


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