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About Us

j.k. barnes

Leading Quant Finance search professionals, from around the world,

have come together to form an unrivaled search consultancy.

The business environment of the modern financial world is highly competitive and for organisations to thrive and grow, talent acquisition is vital.

The reality is that talent strategies have to be streamlined and executed with precision to the point where organisations act fast to attract the latest, industry-leading talent.

Talent Planning That Delivers Tangible Results

Talent planning is about merging together market intelligence and identifying talent that can help your business and organization flourish. The Quant Finance industry is a highly competitive sector but we’re well equipped to help our clients and candidates find each other.

We tap into the potential of skilled individuals, overseeing the talent landscape and talent gene pools to select candidates that offer a wide array of talent to fit your needs.

Acquiring Talent. Giving Your Business A Stronger Stance

Acquiring talent requires us to connect people, and our clients understand the importance of this. Through a methodical approach to talent acquisition and with our market intelligence, we can deliver rapid results and success with our chosen candidates.

Through a detailed interview and selection process as well as a professional approach, we showcase exactly why we are industry leaders when it comes to helping clients and candidates merge seamlessly in the Quant Finance world. To ensure we provide the top talent, we utilize the right metrics and undertake all the right testing to ensure we get it right.


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