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Utilizing our excellence and our wide-reaching network

to provide leading talent with the roles they have been searching for. Our goal is to ensure our search consultants work closely with our clients to deliver up-to-date job opportunities. We leverage strong relationships with organizations across the finance sectors including major banks and financial institutions.

This positions us as a leader when it comes to connecting candidates with quantitative finance positions. We maintain deep and professional relationships with clients that help us to forge relationships with candidates.

Our aim is to empower candidates by placing a focus on their career prospects. We leverage their talent, their drive, and their skillset to place them in their dream role.

Using our CRM, candidates can access the latest roles in real-time, giving them the opportunity to engage and connect with leading organizations, which could ultimately lead them to the job they have always strived for.

current opportunities
Our client is a quantitative trading firm that got its start in the crypto markets and is now making a push into the traditional commodity options and futures space.
We are looking for Quant Traders that have developed a live trading track record and are looking to join a reputable fund to continue managing their own desk with related P&L responsibilities.
We are working with an exciting smaller fund to seek both a junior and senior C++ developers who will be primarily working on systematic trading systems and core development. The opportunity is ideal for those who wish to work in a meritocratic setup with a huge amount of headroom for growth within the fund whilst it is in its earlier stages.

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