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PhD, PostDoc, Faculty Members

Our client is a systematic hedge fund located on the east and west coast of America, seeking strong Ph.D.’s, Postdoc fellows, faculty, and scientific lab members within a highly quantitative and analytical discipline, from a leading global university.

There is an embraced academic culture, driven by innovation, rigorous analysis, and open-ended problem solving, and housed within a highly collaborative environment. You are encouraged to express creativity and bring your unique flair to this complex working environment.

The basis of this is to identify statistically robust market inefficiencies through hypothesis formulation, testing, and validation based on practical knowledge of markets and advanced computational methods.

  • The ability to combine your natural flair and apply it to real-world scenarios.
  • Have a broad statistical toolkit.
  • Strong programming skills – (Python, R, Matlab or C++)
  • PhD / Postdoc / Faculty / Scientific Lab – math, statistics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, operations research, or other related disciplines.
  • Solid mathematical and analytical ability; exceptional problem-solving and modeling ability
  • Strong research intuition

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