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Are you interested in setting up your own trading platform?

  • We have partnered with a number of leading hedge funds and private equity funds for the sole purpose of seeding individuals/teams to set up their own trading platform.
  • Investors are willing to back up to $1Bn for the right project.
  • Investors are strategy agnostic and are willing to look at fundamental, “quantamental” and fully automated strategies.
  • Investors will look at capacities as low as $5Mn up to $1Bn.
  • Investors will allow a runway of up to 1 year.
  • Investors will assist with operations and legal requirements if required.


  • Must have 15%+ returns with at least a 3 year track record.
  • Sharpe ratio above 2.
  • Extensive portfolio management experience.
  • Experience building infrastructure from the ground up before or your team are capable of doing so.

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